Frequently asked questions about Creed

Is creed thoughts real?

It is very much real, Season 3 Episode 24 – The Job (Season 3 finale) Ryan creates blog for Creed which is a Microsoft Word document, However later on real Creed thoughts blog was created which was written in character by the same show writers, as a nod to that episode. You can read it here.

What does creed say in Chinese?

In Season 2, Episode 17 of The Office, a notable scene features Creed speaking Mandarin Chinese. He says, “Wah doo zheng hua doo peng yo, nee how,” which in proper Pinyin is “Wo de zhong guo de peng you, ni hao.” This phrase translates to “My Chinese friends, hello.”

In another episode, Season 7, Episode 8, Creed once again demonstrates his knowledge of Chinese. When asked by Andy to read the back of a seahorse-herb product, he states “hai ma bu yao gen jiu luan gao,” which translates to “don’t mix seahorse with alcohol.” This incident humorously mirrors Andy’s own mistake when he consumed the product with alcohol.

What does creed do in The Office

Creed is in quality assurance, however for a short stint during season 7, he was acting manager of DM Scranton. He’s supposed to go to the paper suppliers to make sure the product that they’re selling and shipping to customers don’t have cartoon animals fornicating, but he missed a few months.